Overview of Seismic Exploration


  • Definition of exploration seismology
  • Applications of exploration seismology

Theoretical principles of seismic wave propagation

  • Seismic wave theory
  • Body waves and surface waves
  • P-waves and S-waves
  • Seismic velocities
  • Wavefront and raypath descriptions of seismic propagation
  • Seismic mode conversions
  • Reflection and refraction (Snell's law)

Seismic data acquisition

  • Basics of reflection seismology (source, receiver, shot, trace, offset)
  • Land acquisition
  • Marine acquisition
  • 3-D seismic data acquisition
  • Recent advances in acquisition technology
  • Multicomponent data acquisition
  • Refraction surveys
  • Downhole seismic data acquisition

Processing and imaging seismic reflection data

  • Improving temporal resolution: deconvolution and filtering
  • Improving signal-to-noise content: the CMP method
  • Improving lateral resolution: migration
    • Prestack migration
    • Migration velocity analysis
    • Time migration and depth migration

Interpretation of seismic reflection data

  • Geologic interpretation of seismic data
  • Inspection and preliminary interpretation: Costa Rica example
  • Reflection picking and structural identification
  • Areal mapping and 3-D interpretation
  • Seismic stratigraphy and offset-dependent reflectivity (AVO)
  • Time-lapse and multicomponent seismology


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