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USA Today: You can meet The Beatles again on DVD.

"Forty years ago this Friday, a vacationing Ed Sullivan happened to witness The Beatles returning from a European tour to 15,000 hysterical teens at the London airport. Astonished by the mayhem, Sullivan instantly booked the band on his weekly variety show."


Houston Chronicle: ‘Shooting the bird’ rude, crude but legal. Appeals court overturns conviction.

Since its legal now, here's everything you need to know about ‘the bird’ --

A (short) history of the longest finger.


Houston Chronicle: Everybody knows Enron's name. But pop icon status probably won't last

"But why Enron? The WorldCom bankruptcy was bigger. Former Tyco Chairman Dennis Kozlowski exhibited greed on a scale that dwarfed anything at Enron. The alleged looting of Adelphia was a family affair."

San Francisco Chronicle: Solving a geological puzzle -- Coast Range between S.F. and Mendocino has long baffled experts.


Houston Chronicle: Woman rescued after night in the sea, a day on an oil rig.

2003.10.01 Scripting News: A smoking dream.

"Maybe some day I'll get a terminal disease and the doctor will say it's okay to start smoking again."

Walter Kessinger

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