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Houston Chronicle: Anti-evolution push may hurt efforts to teach science.

"Last week, [the Texas State Board of Education] appointed three anti-evolution activists, including a leader of the "intelligent design" religious campaign, to a six-member panel that will review proposed new science curriculum standards."


I pointed to a story on McCain's ancestry the other day, so here's an old one about Obama's grandmother --

USA Today: Obama's grandmother blazed trails.

"Durham, now 85 and living in Honolulu along with her granddaughter and Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, had two obstacles to overcome in Hawaii [in the 60s and 70s] -- being a woman and being part of the state's white minority."


I have roots in the Deep South myself, so I found this story on the McCain family's Mississippi background very interesting --

WSJ: Two Families Named McCain.

"The black and white McCain families have long acknowledged their shared history at Teoc, a name that applies to both the plantation and the now-sparse community around it. A cousin of the senator still owns 1,500 acres of the original 2,000. Sen. McCain's younger brother, Joe, and other white McCains have attended family reunions organized by the African-American McCains."

Tailsteak: I like my women like I like my coffee ...


Palin as President.


The Daily Mail: The Milky Way Shot From A Cave.


Photo Basement: Worth The Extra $3.05.


The Onion: Police -- iPhone Left In Hot Car For Three Hours.

"Authorities added that it was ‘just sheer luck’ that the toddler who was also left in the car was unconscious at the time, as otherwise he could have potentially damaged the iPhone."

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