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AP: 70 loose barges in New Orleans from 1 company.

"A single scrap metal company was responsible for all of about 70 barges and ships that floated loose in a major city canal during Hurricane Gustav, threatening flood walls and a bridge, the U.S. Coast Guard said."

> Why is there even a debate? Close this company down!

Deadspin: The College Football Rundown.

"Is there any college football fan in the country who doesn't root for Ohio State that doesn't want USC to beat them 50-3? That was a couple of double negatives there and might have gotten confusing. Rephrased, unless you're a Buckeye fan the entire country wants to see you utterly destroyed come this weekend. Also, after the game we're traveling to the state and stealing all of your attractive women. All 14 of them."


When it's hurricane season, this is where I turn for top-notch analysis --

Eric Berger, Houston Chronicle: Ike, an intense hurricane, bound for Gulf.

"The big question, for our purposes, is where Ike's likely to go once in the Gulf."


YouTube: Large Hadron Rap.

"LHCb sees where the antimatter's gone
ALICE looks at collisions of lead ions
CMS and ATLAS are two of a kind
They're looking for whatever new particles they can find.
The LHC accelerates the protons and the lead
And the things that it discovers will rock you in the head."

Walter Kessinger

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