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Wired: People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid.

"More than 500 different species of bacteria exist in our bodies, making up more than 100 trillion cells. Because our bodies are made of only some several trillion human cells, we are somewhat outnumbered by the aliens."


The Jersey Journal: Flaming squirrel falls from sky, blows up car.

Is It Christmas?


This is cool --

Ivory Boy: 5 Differences.


Science News: Invasive, Indeed. One species -- Homo sapiens -- consumes nearly a quarter of Earth's natural productivity.

"Today, croplands and pastures are among the largest ecosystems on the planet. People farm about 12 percent of the land outside of Antarctica and Greenland and use about 23 percent for grazing, says [Jonathan A. Foley, an environmental scientist at the University of Wisconsin - Madison]. Together, land devoted to these uses equals the 35 percent of Earth's surface that natural forests occupy, he notes." ...

"In the stampede to replace fossil fuels, some scientists have proposed the large-scale cultivation of crops that can be transformed into supposedly eco-friendly biofuels. That, too, might be ecologically unwise." ...

"‘At what point does human activity begin to compromise a lot of our environmental systems?’ Foley continues. ‘At what point does this get to be scary?’"


NYT: Gore and U.N. Panel Win Peace Prize for Climate Work.

"Mr. Gore ‘is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures that need to be adopted,’ the Nobel citation said. The United Nations committee, a network of 2,000 scientists, has produced two decades of scientific reports that have ‘created an ever-broader informed consensus about the connection between human activities and global warming,’ the citation said."

Oh, no, not again! --

Daily Kos: Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

"The United States Supreme Court in a surprise vote of 5 to 4 have declared George W. Bush the winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize."

USA Today: Tourists return [to New Orleans] as city mends.

"About 6 million people are projected to visit New Orleans by the end of the year, up from 3.7 million last year, said Stephen Perry, president of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau.... This year's numbers fall short of the 10 million who visited in 2004, before the devastating floods of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 virtually halted tourism."


AP: Bird Brain Dies After Years of Research.

"Alex, a parrot that could count to six, identify colors and even express frustration with repetitive scientific trials, has died after 30 years of helping researchers better understand the avian brain."

AP: Scientists recover T. rex soft tissue.

AP: Scientists may have found appendix's purpose. Seemingly useless organ may produce, protect good germs for your gut.

"There are more bacteria than human cells in the typical body. Most of it is good and helps digest food."

NYT: Charge It to My Kids.

"Excuse me, Ms. Perino [White House press secretary], but I wish Republicans would revert to type. I thought they were, well, conservatives -- the kind of people who saved for rainy days, who invested in tomorrow for their kids, folks who didn't believe in free lunches or free wars."

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