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A letter from one of the Bancroft family explaining how they failed running Dow Jones, and why they have to sell to Murdoch --

Crawford Hill, WSJ (subscription): Paying the Price for Our Passivity.

"When Warren Buffett proclaims as he did recently to Charlie Rose, ‘They blew it....’ referring to the Bancrofts' lack of assertive, questioning ownership over the past 25 years, you had best listen." ...

"I always wondered what the point of owning something was if you could not even seriously question those who had been hired, in essence by you, to run your business. How screwy is that? Well that gets back to Buffett, who also said, that had things been run differently, we might own a $50 billion business today not a $3.5 billion or even $5 billion business."

Discover Magazine: Newsflash -- Time May Not Exist.

"Efforts to understand time below the Planck scale have led to an exceedingly strange juncture in physics. The problem, in brief, is that time may not exist at the most fundamental level of physical reality."


Benedict may not be my favorite ever pope, but give the guy his due --

MSNBC: Creation vs. evolution clash an 'absurdity'.

"Pope Benedict XVI said the debate raging in some countries -- particularly the United States and his native Germany -- between creationism and evolution was an ‘absurdity,’ saying that evolution can coexist with faith."


The Guardian: Welcome to Richistan, USA.

"In 1985 there were just 13 US billionaires. Now there are more than 1,000."

> Ouch, it hurts having Brits tweak our noses over our growing class inequalities.


Laurel Wamsley, Slate: The Lost Generation.

"I now realize what I didn't get at 14, or even at 20: I am a full-blood muggle. Everyone I know is a muggle. Even my heroes are muggles."

> But tonight at midnight, I'll be at a local bookstore with my kids....

Associated Press: Five squirming fly larvae pulled from Colorado man's head.

"‘It's much funnier to everyone else,’ he said. ‘It makes my stomach turn over.’"

Associated Press: Rugby player didn't notice tooth imbedded in his forehead.


Pandagon: Faith Hill -- Photoshopped!


If you think things are messed up in Venezuela --

The Guardian: Zimbabwe, the world's fastest shrinking economy gorges itself on one last spending spree.

"Zimbabweans are shopping like there's no tomorrow. With police patrolling the aisles of Harare's electrical shops to enforce massive government-ordered price cuts, the widescreen TVs were the first things to go, for as little as 20."


BBC: Astronomers claim galaxy record.

"The current, widely accepted distance record-holder is the IOK-1 galaxy detection announced last year which had a redshift of 6.96.... The Caltech-led group has now suddenly jumped into the redshift region of eight to 10."


Developing Intelligence: When Brain Damage Helps.

"Can you move a single matchstick to form a valid mathematical statement equation?"


Way cuter than kittens --

Nature's Best: Humpback Whale and Dolphin.

... watching a four-metre great white approach you is a fairly tense experience.

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