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The decline of the American empire --

Financial Times: Euro notes cash in to overtake dollar.

"The US dollar bill's standing as the world's favourite form of cash is being usurped by the five-year-old euro."

This PDF article from two years ago is a really excellent overview of the 'standard model,' the collection of conceptual systems that describe everything we know about the fundamental basis of physical reality --

Frank Wilczek: In Search of Symmetry Lost.

"... modern physicists hypothesize that what we perceive as empty space is actually a highly structured medium. In fact, as I will elaborate below, we vehemently suspect that the world is a multilayered, multicoloured, cosmic superconductor."

> Unfortunately, it seems that a deeper understanding of reality only reinforces its absurdity.

Here's a great time waster --

City Rag: 50 Greatest Cartoons.

> Although it's great, I think people are probably confused when they vote for Chuck Jones' "What's Opera, Doc?" I think his "The Rabbit of Seville" is better, and it has always been my favorite.


Stupid Essays.

"In 1776, God created the United States of America. Before then, everyone was under the rule of the tyrant king of Britain: Prince Charles."


UPI: Teen returns $24,000 in untraceable bills.

"A Long Island, N.Y., college student has returned $24,000 in untraceable $100 bills he found while at his job cleaning a movie theater."


Slate: The coming crackdown on trans fats.

They aren't exactly food. A century ago, they hardly existed. Nature didn't mass-produce them; we did. By adding hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils -- hence the term ‘partially hydrogenated’ -- we learned how to solidify these oils, mimicking butter. The first trans-fat triumph, in 1911, was Crisco."


Science Daily: Seismologists take Earth's temperature.

"U.S. seismologists say they have directly measured, for the first time, the heat flowing from the Earth's molten core into an area at the mantle's base." ...

"Using 72,000 hours of supercomputing time, the scientists determined the temperature at the upper boundary is about 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. At the lower end of the boundary the temperature is about 5,800 degrees Fahrenheit." Where families lived in the US.


There's a good chance I'll be knocked off the air again by tomorrow. Someone or something is hammering the bejezus out of my site.


Science News: Howdy, neighbors -- Long-term study finds a batch of red dwarfs.

"Astronomers have found 20 previously unknown star systems that lie within 33 light-years of Earth. All the stars are faint, low-mass objects called red dwarfs, which rank among the most prevalent stars in the Milky Way."

Manuel Garcia: The physics of 9/11. We see conspiracies that don't exist.

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