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Odds of Dying.


Feedbite: Really talented editor.


The Public Domain: The Cougar Ace listing.


Cooper Munroe, Huffington Post: Single Women Rock the Vote!

"CNN's exit polls show that 66% of unmarried women voted for Democrats, compared to 62% of unmarried men; 49% of married women; and 47% of married men."


O.K., one purely political item. A memory trip through my blog links.

First, I think I was always at least skeptical of our invasion of Iraq. I knew it would be harder than the Bush administration imagined, and I objected to justifying the invasion with obviously dishonest rationalizations.

However, I also believed that the Bush administration sincerely had good intentions -- and I continue to believe this.

My main objection was that no one in our government was smart enough to do a valid cost-benefit analysis and make an informed judgement about the wisdom of this course of action. Even if everything had gone perfectly, I still don't believe the benefits would have been worth the cost of winning -- not without the support of the international community.

Of course, our situation in Iraq is now unsalvageable, and there is only one more point to be made: however costly, the Iraq war was *not* unwinnable from the beginning. It was bungled through monumental incompetence.

Slate: A Catalog of Failure.

"These were not tactical failures, made by subordinate military officers. Rather, these were strategic errors of epic proportions that no amount of good soldiering could undo."

And now a word from the new Senate Majority Leader --

NYT: Harry Reid, an Infighter With a Sharp Jab.

"‘Britney Spears,’ Mr. Reid said, shaking his head. ‘She loses a little weight, and now she's getting all cocky about things.’ He added, ‘Britney has gotten her mojo back.’"


Because you wanted to know --

Houston Chronicle: Britney Spears appears ready to fight for her career.

"Us Weekly reported at the time of their wedding that a prenup has Spears paying $300,000 a year for a period of time equal to half the length of their marriage. (For the math-impaired, that's going to be one year.)"


Really big news today --

CNN: After two years, Britney has had enough.

"In July, she won an apology from the British edition of The National Enquirer, which had reported that Spears was ready to divorce Federline."

> I guess they can take that apology back now.

Also --

The Onion: Politicians Sweep Midterm Elections.

"After months of aggressive campaigning and with nearly 99 percent of ballots counted, politicians were the big winners in Tuesday's midterm election...."


Science News: L'Chaim -- Wine compound lengthens mouse lives.

"A chemical famous as a constituent of red wine appears to increase the life spans and boost the well-being of mice that haven't followed the healthiest of lifestyles, according to new research."


Top 10 Worst Company URLs.


Checking in on Kazakhstan --

The UK Observer: The real face of Boratstan.

"We head to Soho, alleged to be the [Almaty]'s most casual, Western-style bar, but by 11pm Jay, an American oilman, informs me ‘there's only two women here who aren't prostitutes and you're one of them’."

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