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My eldest son Christopher, 8, rounded off his summer by creating his own web site. I think he did a pretty good job. --


> Check out his pictures page. He included a number of pictures from the California vacation we took earlier this summer.

> Don't bother trying to email him with congrats, though. Only mail from addresses already on his whitelist can get through.


Well, it's time for me to change jobs again.

On September 1, I'll be starting at Fusion Petroleum Technologies as VP [of?] Reservoir Geophysics. I thought the title sounded pretty cool, but according to Fusion president Alan Huffman, "VP" stands for "velocity picker."

Here's the link to the Fusion web site. I need to get someone there to explain how the Vulcan mind-meld thing fits into the business plan.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about the new job. There are a number of industry "gurus" working with Fusion, and I am looking forward to working with them on some leading edge service projects.

I also want to mention that I'm going to miss the awesome professionals that I've been privileged to work with for the past 2 1/2 years at Geotrace. It is difficult leaving a successful organization as it is achieving even more success. I wish them all the best of luck, and I plan to continue claiming some credit for their future accomplishments. :-)

"Thanks to our friend Wally and his wavelet pals, seismic data lead to a high percentage of drilling success."

[Wally the Wavelet is from Seitel's site. Click the picture for a video. Be sure to pick the Windows Media version; the QuickTime link is broken.]


From Brazil, here's Fly-man! (Annoy him with your cursor.)

Scientific American: How do scientists determine the composition of the interior of Earth and other planets?

"... we must deduce its composition either by looking at the clues hidden in igneous and metamorphic rocks, or by examining proxies for composition and structure such as the three-dimensional variation of the velocity of seismic waves produced by earthquakes and sampled by networks of seismometers on the surface. The late Francis Birch, the eminent Harvard geophysicist, and his colleagues and students worked out the basic methodology that brings these distinct observations together."


Slate: Can You Forgive Them? Ostracizing the people who were right on Iraq.

"Not long ago, I spoke with a Democratic moderate about the war in Iraq. He said he considered support for the Iraq war to be a necessary prerequisite to assuming any powerful role in the party. It showed that the person in question was willing to project U.S. force abroad." ...

"What this man was saying was that it was better to have been wrong about Iraq than to have been right. That's the prevailing (though not always conscious) consensus in Washington, and it's completely insane."

Mannequin sculpting --

The Making of Lauren.

> Guys will click on this one to see a model posing in her underwear, get bored and move on to the next link. Girls will scroll through the whole article because, to a girl, a model sitting around in her underwear is "interesting." Go figure.


Slate: Tragic MooLatte Revisited.

"Q: We were also thinking -- the MooLatte has three separate flavors, but if you took eight flavors and combined them, you could call it the Octoroonie.

A: Octoroonie?

Q: Yeah.

A: Actually -- wow, that's actually a pretty good idea."


Teemings: The Horror of Blimps .

"The blimp, which was up until this moment a fun toy, here embarked on a career of evil."

[via /usr/bin/girl]


This was real popular with my 8-year-old this weekend --

Lemonade Stand.

Julius Blog: Bush Approval -- Raw Poll Data.


Fox 'News': Georgia Man's Pants Explode.

"Don't try to mix dangerous chemicals in your pants."


Gaping Void: How to be creative.

"3. Put the hours in."


Science News: Distant quasars reveal content, age of universe.

"... researchers report that they have pinned down the age of the universe to an accuracy 5 times greater than ever before. By their reckoning, the cosmos is 13.6 billion years old, give or take 200 million years."

Will Ferrell: A message from White House West .

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