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I am not a big Jay-Z fan, for the same reason I don't like a lot of rap music -- I just can't get into a track when the artist is constantly throwing out the N-word, usually once every 10 seconds. That said, I have to admit that this is kind of interesting --

Illegal Art: The Grey Album.

"DJ Danger Mouse's recent Grey Album, which remixes Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles White Album, has been hailed as a innovative hip-hop triumph."


Yankee or Dixie?

> I scored 67% Dixie. I don't think this will work for those of y'all who aren't U.S. natives.


O.K., I can't help myself: another political link. This is Andrew Sullivan's analysis of the Bush interview last weekend --

The New Republic: Attention Deficit.

"To the question ‘Why ... would you allow ... this kind of deficit disaster?’ the president replies, ‘Sure.’ Sure? I think I know what the president means. It's a verbal place-saver, a pause. But it's surely worth pointing out that I know of no one who can reply to an allegation that he is about to deny with an actual affirmative. ‘Did you kill your wife?’ ‘Sure. I never touched her.’ Who talks this way?"

The Writer's Almanac: Abraham Lincoln.

"‘Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.’"


Houston Chronicle: Famous Jacksons.


Throw Rocks at Boys.

Meet the Press: Interview with President George W. Bush.

> It's going to be a long election year.

Doonesbury: John Kerry, 1971.


Houston Chronicle: Revealing halftime costume had some last-minute alterations.

"Jackson's people also shopped at Montrose's Leather in Exile Friday and bought $800 in accessories... They [later] returned the jock strap and the bra, which couldn't contain Jackson's breasts...."

> If you didn't see it live, here's a pic of the infamous nipple.


MSNBC: Thar she blows! Dead whale explodes.

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