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ESPN: USC safe at No. 2 ... for now.

"All the Men of Troy can really control, of course, is beating Oregon State on Dec. 6. All LSU can do for itself is to win the SEC title. If both contenders take care of their remaining business, we'll have to see how the cards fall." ...

"LSU must still play 8-3 Arkansas and then either a 9-3 or 10-2 team in the SEC championship game."

> I'll be in Tiger Stadium on Friday to see LSU beat Arkansas.


PBS: The Elegant Universe.

> A three-hour nova series on string theory!

Photos from an American soldier in Iraq.


WSJ (subscription): Gesturing as You Talk Can Help You Take A Load Off Your Mind.

"In every known culture speakers move their hands. More interesting, people who have been blind from birth -- and so have never seen a gesture -- wave their hands while speaking, as do both sighted and blind people when conversing with the blind or on the phone."


Sorry, I haven't read the news today. In the meantime --

Via /usr/bin/girl:

ASCII-animated Matrix.

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