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Missed that Michigan State pick, didn't I?

Duke's comeback was amazing.

Basketball tonight.

Stephanie is going to the games.

(I don't know Stephanie. She just seems really cool.)


Dan Gillmor: Surprise: Bush is a Right-Winger.


Associated Press: Study: Americans Are Sleep-Deprived .

"In the poll, 53 percent surveyed admitted that they `drive drowsy.' Nineteen percent said they have actually fallen asleep while driving and 1 percent said they had been in an accident after nodding off at the wheel."

"Poor sleep can even shorten lives.... mortality rates are lower for people who average 8 hours sleep a night than for those who get 6 to 7."





I think I should mention that I didn't lose a single additional game on my NCAA brackets last week. Any red marks in the third and fourth rounds were losers that dropped out in the first or second round the week before.

Unfortunately, a lot of people picked Maryland for the Final Four team from the west, and I completely missed that. So I won't be making any big bucks this year.

Wall Street Journal (subscription): Music Industry Falls Short In Satisfying Their Customers.

"The online music phenomenon is about giving music listeners choice, convenience and flexibility they've never had before. Sure, Napster's something-for-nothing aspect is appealing. But talk to many Napster users and you'll find what they really like is the ability to sign onto the Internet, type the name of an artist or song, and listen to the music they want almost instantly.

"They also like stumbling across rare gems like live or no-longer-published versions of favorite songs. They like transferring these files easily to portable MP3 players and burning them onto homemade CDs for use in the car or at the office."

ZDNet: My first look at Windows XP: It's great. Here's why.

> Be sure to click through the readers comments.


I just recorded (and posted) a message from Christopher that has been on my voice mail since November 1999. He was three and a half years old at the time; I thought he sounded so mature.

I can't believe how much he's grown since he left this message.

Houston Chronicle: Shamed legend hopes for revival.

Houston Chronicle: Knight's positives undone by aberrant behavior.

"In a post-firing interview with Playboy magazine, Knight vehemently defended himself, blaming everyone around him for his behavior. When the questions got too pointed, Knight threatened the interviewer."


WSJ (free site!): Mac OS X Is Sound, Stable, But Wait Until It Gets Better.


I don't know how I missed this last month. Better late than never:

National Center for Science Education: Kansas Board of Education Reinstates Evolution.

"Students in Kansas once again will have the opportunities to explore and understand what have become important foundations of modern life, earth, and physical sciences and will be better prepared to be productive members of our increasingly scientific and technological world."


The NCAA tournament hasn't worked out like I wanted today. I picked *both* Utah State and Georgia State to make it to the Sweet 16. If the games had been close, I would have had a pretty good afternoon. If either team made it, it would have been a great day. If *both* underdogs had won, ... oh, never mind.

I did have fun taking the boys to a park earlier. :-)


Well, my first round NCAA picks are holding up pretty well, but not well enough. I called the Butler upset, but I needed Tennessee to beat Charlotte to win the first round in the NEC Systems office pool.

And I lost a Final Four pick on the first day. That always stings.

Here's a report from Cecil, who attended the Iowa St - Hampton game last night. I can relate to his story.

In '89 or '90, my wife and I saw SW Missouri State beat Arkansas in a first round game in Austin. Arkansas had just announced that they were leaving the Southwest Conference, and they weren't very popular with the home crowd. And the SW Missouri St band was unlike anything they usually experience at spirit-challenged UT.

Ow, ms. sweitzer caught me dogging her picks and shot back. Touché!

Here's someone else who picked Georgia State in the last round. (Ya gotta love those crazy college kids.) Hey, Vamsi, I think GS is going to beat Maryland too!


Yes! BOTH of my dark horses (Utah St & Georgia St) won! Georgia St by one point and Utah St in overtime! I am hot!

Man, I wish I had a TV set here.

Now if Gonzaga can win tomorrow, I will be ruler of the universe!

This sorority girl picked Wisconsin to go to the final four.


That's o.k., princess, you still have the Spartans.

It's time for me to name my teams --


Michigan State


Iowa State

And here are my full brackets. Straight up picks, no sentiment.

It has come to my attention that in filling out my brackets, I used some Adobe Acrobat tools that don't show up in older versions of the reader.

If you can't see 'em, I picked Notre Dame over Xavier, Texas over Temple, and Duke to take it all.

And download a newer version of Acrobat Reader! At work I'm using v3.0 - from 1997 - on an SGI (unix) and the markups display fine.


While you're swilling beer, watching the games, here's a new study to contemplate:

Science News: Sedentary Off-hours Link to Alzheimer's.

"People who have the memory loss, confusion, and disorientation of Alzheimer's disease in old age were generally less active physically and intellectually between the ages of 20 and 60 than were people who don't have the disease ....

"The only single activity in which Alzheimer's patients on average significantly outperformed their counterparts was watching television...."


Science News: Jiggling the Cosmic Ooze. A new blueprint for all the universe's mass and energy may be just around the corner.

"To patch these flaws in the standard model, theorists proposed the existence of some sort of influence that permeates all of space, weighing down particles passing through it. This cosmic molasses is called the Higgs field. A sufficient jolt, like an extremely powerful particle collision, can set the molasses quivering. Such a vibration amounts to a particlelike manifestation of the field -- a Higgs boson."

I'm going to work on my Final Four picks over lunch. I'll have my brackets posted by Wednesday.

Chris Adler: Tips for parents of young fussy eaters.

"I offered, thinking myself excessively optimistic to believe he might fall for this. Two bowls later, he was burping and asking for some fruit."

[another pointer from Scripting News.]

I still can't believe that they're gone!


FinalFour.Net: Stanford, Duke, MSU, Illinois top men's field.

"Stanford, Duke and defending champion Michigan State were selected as No. 1 seeds for the NCAA Tournament for the second straight year Sunday, joined at the top of the brackets by Illinois."

Also --

CBS: Introducing The Field.

ESPN: NCAA Tournament sites.

AP: Car Audio Systems Toying With MP3.

"Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies Inc., a California-based research firm [says] ... `People are continuing to tell the industry that buying a CD with 13 cuts, of which they only want two or three, is the issue. You can customize MP3s with the music you really want.'"

Hamster Taxidermy.

[via Scripting News.]


San Francisco Chronicle: Cheaper Ways to Play MP3s.

"For about a hundred bucks, you can get a radio-frequency transmitter-receiver pair at Radio Shack. You plug the transmitter into the headphone jack on your computer and the receiver into an auxiliary jack on your stereo."

He's ba-ack ...

Houston Chronicle: Tech job is Knight's `if he wants it'.

"Two sources familiar with high school recruiting said Knight has contacted several top prep players in recent weeks, letting them know he would likely be back in coaching soon, but he did not mention Tech as a possibility."

> What kind of a sadomasochist would want to play for Bobby Knight?


Associated Press: Over the Rainbow top song of the century.


Science News: Extinctions Tied to Impact from Space.

"The massive wave of extinctions on Earth 250 million years ago appears to have been triggered by an impact from space, according to an analysis of rocks from Japan and China. The die-offs at the end of the Permian period exterminated almost 95 percent of the species in the ancient oceans, as well as many land animals, and set the stage for the rise of the dinosaurs."

Wall Street Journal (subscription): Judge Orders Napster to Block All Copyright-Protected Songs.

"Judge Patel, issuing an injunction she reworked on the order of an appeals court, said the recording industry will have to notify Napster of the title of the song, the name of the artist and the name of the file containing the infringing material. Napster ... then would have three business days to implement a system of blocking access to that file."


CNN: NCAA Bubble Watch.

CNN: Napster starts limited blocking, but users unfazed.

> I must admit that I'm starting to get a little tried of this story ...

"Be a good kitty." [via Slate.]


WSJ (subscription): Napster Tells Judge It Will Block Copyrighted Music from Its Site.

"Fighting for its life in court, Napster Inc. told a judge Friday that it will unveil a screening system this weekend that will block users from trading pirated music through its Web site."


"Music fans downloaded 2.7 billion files in January using Napster, and research firm Webnoize said more than 96 million songs were traded on Feb. 12 -- the day the appellate court said Napster likely would lose at trial. Napster has an estimated 50 million users."

CNET: Soft spots remain in Apple's new OS.

"`Like most people, I'm not going to be installing Mac OS X until the high-performance applications are Carbonized,' he said, referring to the process of tailoring the software to run optimally on the OS."

> I just upgraded to Mac OS 9.1 last month, and I plan to stick with it for the rest of the year. OS 9.1 runs carbonized mac software, so I can upgrade all my software before I upgrade my operating system.

> I'm also skipping the current MS Office for Mac -- it's not carbonized. (Although Microsoft says if you buy now you can upgrade to the carbon version next fall for the "special" price of $149.)

SF Chronicle: Blogging On: Web loggers bare their souls -- and reading lists -- to the Internet.

"Sure there are a hundred teenage boys typing, `I'm bored. School sucks' every three hours, but their friends read them -- and that's their intended audience."

[via Scripting News.]

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