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Last weekend we were visited by my brother-in-law, Mike. He took one look at Kenneth, our nine-month-old, and said, "He looks like Uncle Gene!" I think I see the resemblance.


My brother Charles is just a year younger than I am, but our personalities are rather different. In a group, Charles tends to occupy the center of attention, whereas I tend to be more quiet. Growing up together, we usually got along relatively well. But as young children, there was occasionally some friction due to the difference in our personalities; at the same time I was trying to withdraw into my own personal space, his presence would require my attention.

As a father, I now know that no one demands more attention than your own four-year-old. When we have problems with Christopher acting up, it is usually because he's making a grab for attention. For whatever reason, a four-year-old would rather have his parents yell at him than ignore him.

Talking to Cindy last night, I confessed to some recent slip-ups that were triggered, I had assumed, by a resurfacing of old childhood frustrations:

"You know, several times in the past few months, when I've been fussing at Christopher, I've called him Charles."

"No, really? I called him Charles this week."

"You're kidding. Were you aggravated with him?"

"Oh yeah."

"Wow. That's really weird."


"Is there another NCAA program that would, when presented with the cumulative record of classless, bullying, physically and verbally abusive behavior that Knight has compiled, continue to employ the head coach?"

What will it take, Indiana?


I got it! Did you?

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