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Here's a cop with a thoughtful, well-written analysis of the Elián González raid.


Ugh, the whole family has the flu. Christopher, Cindy and Kenneth passed around a head cold over the last two weeks. Christopher had just gotten over it when Kenneth and Cindy seemed to start getting worse. Now we all have a fever and achy joints. Happy Easter everyone!

Maybe I'll get to use the down time to post a backlog of kid pictures. Watch this space!


Stock tips from Margarita Island.


Congratulations to Michigan State, this year's NCAA Men's basketball champs.

While I was watching the game on CBS, I kept thinking about how cool it would be if I could adjust the surround sound on my TV to crank up all the arena noise and mute the blow-hard "announcers". When is this Billy Packer guy going to retire?

Find the black dots.

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