I am a geophysicist specializing in seismic processing and inversion technologies.

In 2004 I signed on with Fusion Petroleum Technologies as VP of Seismic Imaging, where I conducted service projects for major, national and independent exploration companies. These projects included seismic processing, depth imaging, geopressure prediction, hazard studies and AVO/DHI analysis. In 2011, Fusion became part of Sigma Cubed Integrated Reservoir Solutions, and I took over management of the Earth Modeling and Imaging department. The reservoir services groups within Sigma Cubed reformed as Apex Petroleum Engineering in 2019, and I changed jobs without actually moving a second time. That gig has come to an end, so I'm looking for interesting opportunities. If you would like to know more about my professional history, please download a copy of my CV.

I was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, the heart of Cajun Country. I attended college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then Austin, Texas. I have lived in The Woodlands since 1990.

I am married to Cynthia Muse Kessinger, whom I have known since I was 15 years old. Cindy is a CPA with her own practice in The Woodlands and the mother of our two sons, Christopher and Kenneth.

I don't update my weblog very often these days. Stuff from before 2010 can be found under Work, Broken Links, and Stale Thoughts.


Contact Information

email: Walter[at]Kessinger[dot]com

phone: 713-828-0367