A Weekend With Peanut

The last weekend of February, 2000, my three-year-old had custody of Peanut, the stuffed elephant that serves as a mascot for his daycare class. As Peanut's custodians, we had to bring him everywhere and keep a journal of his activities. Here it is:

Thursday, February 24

Today Peanut got to go home with Christopher for the third time. When Christopher's Daddy picked up Christopher and Peanut from school, Daddy gave Ms. Terry and Ms. Judy a look, and exclaimed, "Again?!?"

Then Christopher and Peanut went to the grocery store with Daddy and Kenneth, Christopher's little brother. Daddy pushed Kenneth in his stroller, and Christopher pushed the grocery cart all by himself. (Christopher would push some, then he would stand on the back of the rolling cart to see where he was going.) Kenneth had never seen lobsters before, so Christopher spent some time showing him the lobster tank.

When they got home from the store, Jessica, a friend who lives across the street, came over to play with Christopher and Peanut. They sat Peanut in the front yard, then Christopher and Jessica went with Mommy to check the mail. On the way to the mailbox, they saw Christopher's friend Lucy and her mother, Ms. Donna. When Lucy saw Christopher and Jessica, she brought out her sidewalk chalk, and Christopher, Jessica and Lucy started coloring Lucy's driveway. Lucy got upset with Christopher for coloring the boat she had drawn. But then everyone colored their faces with chalk and started laughing. When Matthew came out of his house (next door to Lucy), everyone chased him around his front yard. It was dark when Christopher's Daddy came to get Christopher and they walked Jessica home. Then Christopher retrived Peanut from his spot in the front yard, and they went into Christopher's house for dinner.

Friday, February 25

Friday night, Christopher and Peanut went to the mall. Before they rode on the carousel, they ate at Chick-fil-a. Christopher got a lot of ketchup on his clothes, so he couldn't touch anything later when Mommy was shopping. Before they left, Daddy took Christopher and Peanut to the men's restroom in Dillard's.

Saturday, February 26

Saturday morning, Christopher and Peanut watched Christopher's favorite movie, "The Mind's Eye;" it has lots of music, and computer animations of stars and planets and dinosaurs and robots. Christopher also played with Peanut at his computer.

In the afternoon, Christopher played next door with his friend Hannah, and then he went to over to Jessica's house and played in her back yard.

Sunday, February 27

After lunch, Peanut, Christopher and Daddy went to Capstone Park. Daddy rode his bike and pulled Peanut and Christopher in the bike trailer. They played at the park for hours; Christopher climbed and slid and swung and kicked a ball and took Peanut on a long walk around the pond.

Before they left the park, Christopher got his bubble gun and started blowing bubbles near the swings. Five little girls came over and sat around him. They all wanted to play with the bubble gun, so Christopher gave turns to everyone. When somebody spilled the bubbles on the sidewalk, they pointed the bubble gun at the ground and made bubble domes. "I'm a very nice boy," Christopher announced, "and I love to share!" Daddy and Peanut were very impressed.

When they got home from the park, Jessica came over and played hide-and-seek in Christopher's yard. Then Jessica, Peanut and Christopher went in the house, had a snack and watched "Pinnochio." Afterwards, Jessica and Christopher ate sloppy joes and green peas for dinner.

Monday, February 28

On Monday, Christopher's Daddy stayed home while Mommy went to Interfaith to register Christopher for next year's school. Peanut and Christopher watched TV all morning long. In the afternoon, they stayed in the backyard and helped shred a big pile of paper from Mommy's work using her new paper shredder. (Mommy is a CPA.) Christopher fed all the papers into the shredder. He was very careful to keep his fingers out of the shredder, though. He doesn't want to make a mistake like his Grandma Dot, who lost two fingers when she was a little girl and she put her hand in a corn masher.

Christopher got a new "Big Backyard" magazine in the mail on Monday, so Daddy read it to Peanut and Christopher for a nighttime story.

Christopher had a lot of fun with Peanut this weekend. He can't wait to get back to school and tell his adventures to all his friends.

Sometime in February 2000 we got a visit from the Muse grandparents.

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