Christopher Kessinger's Sonogram

Cindy underwent a sonogram on December 11, 1995. Among other things, the sonogram confirmed that her pregnancy was approximately at the half-way point, and that her due date is, in fact, April 22, 1996.

The snapshots on this page were recorded during Cindy's sonogram. The poor quality of these pictures is not really representative of what we were able to see during the sonogram; the additional dimension of movement adds significant resolution during the event. (Similar to the difference between watching a tape on your VCR and studying the picture on "pause".) We recorded the sonogram to video tape, but unfortunately the tape didn't record at the proper speed - the image is only visible if we view the tape in "fast-forward".*

head shot The first figure here shows the head and upper body of our fetus. A well-formed spine is visible, as is the placenta. The technician who performed the sonogram estimated the weight of our child as 11 ounces.

Besides a healthy spine, our technician was able to confirm that our fetus has a properly functioning four-chambered heart, two arms and two legs with the popular number of digits at the end of each limb, and no evidence of cleft palette.

butt shot The second figure is a "rear view" shot which clearly identifies our future child's manhood. You may not be completely convinced by this image, but the total sum of evidence was quite impressive, if I may say so myself.

During the sonogram, we were able to witness a wide range of extremely vigorous acrobatics being performed by our unborn child - quite an exhibition for his proud parents. Upon his birth, we plan to name our son Christopher Wallis Kessinger.

*When Cindy mentioned this two weeks later to one of the nurses, she told us to bring another tape and they'd let us do it again! For free! (Although without the full analysis.) This time the tape worked, so we have 15 minutes of Christopher sleeping and sucking his thumb! And he was a LOT bigger!

It was incredibly exciting! Really! Well, maybe you had to be there. With your own unborn progeny.

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