So I guess this is my website

I suppose I'll make something cooler.




Probably not.

Just go read my blog or something.

Also, here is my Steam profile. Feel free to shoot me a friend request or whatever. I can usually be found playing TF2 on one of the Valve servers (Typically one of the ones that focuses on ctf or cp, occasionally pl. Not much plr or koth.)

-Christopher Kessinger

(P.S. Have this cute animation I made with my little brother when I was 8 and he was like 4. Because why not. (I've been going through my old website stuff lately. It looked even more like some crappy Web 1.0 abomination from the 90s than this one. Hard to believe, huh? (I can't really talk about that, though. I'm too young to remember the 90s! Does seeing sites from then on the Wayback machine qualify me to talk about them? (I need to cool it with the parenthesis.))))