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Oilvoice: CGGVeritas Announces Third Quarter 2009 Results.

  • Group revenue was $731m down 31% from a record quarter last year and reflecting current market conditions ...
  • Long term marine contract awarded by Pemex. Backlog as of November 1st increased sequentially to $1.65 billion.

PR Newswire: Dawson Geophysical Reports Year End and Fourth Quarter Results.

"Dawson Geophysical Company (Nasdaq: DWSN) today reported revenues of $243,995,000 for the year ending September 30, 2009, compared to $324,926,000 for the same period ending in fiscal 2008, a decrease of 25 percent. The Company reported a net income for fiscal 2009 of $10,222,000 compared to $35,007,000 for fiscal 2008."

Business Wire: OYO Geospace Announces Contract for Sale of 8,000-Channel Land Nodal Seismic Data Acquisition System to Dawson Geophysical.

"OYO Geospace ... announced it received an order from Dawson Geophysical Company for $6.1 million of geophysical equipment, including 8,000 channels of the Geospace Seismic Recorder (GSR), the company's land nodal seismic data acquisition system."

Offshore Shipping Online: Statoil deal for Fugro.

"Fugro-Geoteam has entered into an agreement with Statoil USA E&P Inc for the acquisition and QC processing of a 2,400 square kilometres 3D marine seismic programme around Statoil's leases in the Chukchi Sea. The project is valued at approximately US$26 million with an estimated duration up to three months."

PRWeb: Texas Memory Systems Delivers 100 Terabyte Flash Memory-Based Solid State System.

"The RamSan-6200, as ordered, provides more than 5,000,000 I/O's per second and 60 GB's per second of bandwidth."


Offshore: WesternGeco begins GoM E-Octopus surveys.

"WesternGeco has begun acquisition of the E-Octopus VIII and E-Octopus IX surveys in the Alaminos Canyon, Keathley Canyon, and East Breaks areas of the US Gulf of Mexico. The surveys cover more than 450 outer continental shelf (OCS) blocks."

Press Release: TGS Announces a Third Wide Azimuth 3D Project.

"This newest survey, Justice, adds more than 7,800 square kilometers of WAZ coverage to the TGS portfolio. The project is a northeast expansion of the existing and contiguous Freedom and Liberty projects. Justice will cover portions of the hydrocarbon rich areas of Mississippi Canyon, Viosca Knoll, and De Soto Canyon."

Renaissance Capital: Global Geophysical Services files for a $150 million IPO.

"Global Geophysical Services, a provider of seismic data services to oil and gas exploration companies, filed [last month] with the SEC to raise up to $150 million in an initial public offering."

RT News: TGC Industries Buys Eagle Canada For $10.3 Mln.


Oil & Gass Eurasia: ION Geophysical's CEOBob Peebler Reveals What's Hot in Arctic Seismic.

"Bob Peebler, CEO of the global seismic solutions company ION Geophysical, notes experts estimate 25 percent or more of the world's unproven hydrocarbon reserves lay in the Arctic. ‘Most of the seismic data shot in the Arctic is quite old, and the majority of it is short offset, short record length, analog 2D datasets. In general this also applies to the Russian offshore data that was shot in the 1980s.’"

Reuters: ION Wins $21.7 Million Jury Verdict Against Greatbatch.

> something about batteries?

Offshore: Pemex hits pay at GoM deepwater Leek-1.

"Pemex has only one rig drilling in deepwater, although it intends to take delivery of two rigs next year. Recently the company hired CGGVeritas for Pemex's largest ever deepwater seismic survey, estimated to cost $464 million."

WSJ: Chevron Engineers Squeeze New Oil From Old Wells.

"The Kern River field has produced more than 2 billion barrels of oil in its 110-year history, but Chevron estimates it still holds another 1.5 billion barrels."...

"The company hopes eventually to coax out as much as 80% of the field's oil compared with the 30% that is typical in many fields around the world. Kern River had 628 million barrels of estimated reserves at the end of 2007, according to state data, up 16% from 2004."

New Orleans Times-Picayune: Coastal Louisiana could see resurgence in energy exploration, production.

"Swift controls thousands of acres from Cameron to Plaquemines parishes, with its top producing field in the Lake Washington area of Plaquemines. The region had been in production since the 1940s, at one time controlled by ExxonMobil, Vincent said. When Swift acquired the property in 2001, the lake was producing about 700 barrels of oil equivalent a day. Now the area is yielding closer to 12,000 barrels a day, and seismic testing has revealed that much more fuel can be found beneath the tricky sands and fault lines that have made fuel production in the Mississippi River delta challenging. Just several weeks ago, Swift installed a new drilling rig in the area."

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