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PR Newswire: ION Announces Support of SEG Online.

"When completed, SEG Online will offer SEG's global members instant access to industry publications, on-line training courses, distinguished lectures, conference presentations, research activities, interactive tutorials, and career resources via the worldwide web. The first phase will be launched in late 2007."

Gulf Times, Qatar: Congo protests to Uganda in border fracas.

"A Ugandan army spokesman said earlier that two Congolese soldiers and one Ugandan soldier had died in a clash in Ugandan waters of the lake, involving a barge belonging to Canada's Heritage Oil Corp. But Heritage said its vessel was not involved. It said its vessel was ‘within Ugandan waters in Lake Albert in the process of lifting cables to mark the completion of a seismic survey’ when a UN patrol boat detained the ship and its crew." ...

"The company challenged a UN official, who said the oil exploration vessel was escorted out of ‘Congolese waters’ to ‘avoid increasing tensions’ between the two nations and ‘to ensure the crew's safety.’"

Trading Markets: ASC Dismisses Seitel's Cease Trade Application.

"In an oral decision made today, the ASC panel dismissed the application by Seitel, a Houston-based seismic data company that had recently made an unsolicited bid for all the shares of Pulse, a Calgary-based seismic data company."


Sometimes it's almost impossible to find even a press release about the business activity of a private company. For instance, I haven't been able to find any online confirmation of the rumor that SEI has bought GeoCenter.

Renegade Geophysics: Fusion Announces the Aquisition of Renegade Geophysics LLC.

"Fusion will integrate Renegade's front-end processing capabilities with Fusion's seismic processing and imaging business and will integrate Renegade's technology into Fusion's operations in Texas, Oklahoma, Mexico and Libya."

Press Release: Paradigm Resolves Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Issues With US Department of Justice.

"Paradigm B.V., a leading provider of enterprise software solutions to the global oil and natural gas exploration and production industry, entered into a letter agreement today with the United States Department of Justice to resolve issues surrounding the agreement to make, and the making of, improper payments by Paradigm's employees and agents to government officials in various countries between 2002 and 2007."

PR Newswire: ION and PGS Successfully Test DigiFIN Steerable Streamer System.

"DigiFIN is a steerable streamer system for marine seismic acquisition vessels that provides lateral streamer control, a feature which improves the efficiency of acquisition operations and allows more streamers to be towed closer together to enhance the quality of the acquired seismic data."

PR Newswire: TGC Industries Announces Agreements to Purchase Seven New Vibrator Vehicles .


AP: BP chief warns of 'dreadful' third-quarter revenues.

"The Financial Times said CEO Tony Hayward told a staff meeting in Houston that he planned a shake-up of the company's structure after its worst financial performance in 15 years."

Houston Business Journal: Input/Output 'outgrows' its name.

"Houston geophysical technology provider Input/Output Inc. on Friday became ION Geophysical Corp."

> "Charged with technology." But are they positively charged?


I just attended the icebreaker for the 2007 SEG Annual Meeting. What a great year to be a geophysicist!


Offshore Shipping Online: Fugro takes delivery of largest purpose-built seismic vessel in the world.

"A new Fugro 3-D vessel was named in Bergen, Norway on August 18th, the vessel being Geo Celtic, the largest purpose-built seismic vessel in the world, which is capable of deploying 12 solid streamers of up to 8km in length."

Reuters: Halliburton a value, Schlumberger pricey.

"Schlumberger has a P/E premium to other service companies partly because of its fast-growing seismic business WesternGeco and its greater exposure in international markets, where prices have stayed firm and growth prospects are seen as the best, analysts said. "

Seeking Alpha: Dawson Geophysical Company -- Good Vibrations.

"This is the stock you wish you'd bought a year ago, when it was trading at about a third of its current price."

Lankaweb: A Survey Ship Is Scanning Sri Lanka's Continental Shelf To Ascertain Its Limits.

"The exclusive economic zone of Sri Lanka shall extend to the sea to a distance of 200 nautical miles or 370 kilometers from the baselines from which the territorial sea is measured.... The primary outcome of the survey is the accurate identification and depth determination of the sediment/basement interface leading to the outer limit of the 1km sediment isopach."

The Canadian Press: Alberta government halts plans to allow seismic testing on Marie Lake.

"The Alberta government has halted a plan to allow controversial seismic testing on Marie Lake."


The Sydney Morning Herald: Man lost overboard from survey ship.

"An investigation is under way into the death of a New Zealand man lost overboard from the seismic survey vessel Geo Sounder off the Queensland coast."

Uganda Daily Monitor: Heritage Oil returns to work on Lake Albert.

"Heritage Oil has resumed petroleum exploration on Lake Albert, three weeks after a firefight between Congolese government soldiers and private security guards left a British contractor dead."

Oil Online: CGGVeritas awarded 250 million dollars of contracts.

"CGGVeritas has recently secured numerous multi-year contracts representing $250 million in new business for exclusive marine and land acquisition surveys along with significant pre-financing commitments for future wide-azimuth multi-client programs in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM)."

Reuters: CGGVeritas says seismic merger wave subsides.

"French seismic survey group CGGVeritas said a wave of merger activity in the industry has abated due to high valuations but may pick up again in a few years."

Oil Online: PDVSA awards third 3D seismic program in 2007 to SCAN.

"The large 3D survey is being planned for possible future 4D application as well as high-resolution recording attributes."

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