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Washington Post: U.S. Proposal Would Allow Oil Drilling Off Virginia.

"The Interior Department will announce a proposal Monday to allow oil and gas drilling in federal waters near Virginia that are currently off-limits and permit new exploration in Alaska's Bristol Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, according to people who have seen or been told about drafts of the plan."

AP: China reports big oil discovery: 2.2 billion barrels.

"After years of disappointment, PetroChina Ltd. announced it has found an offshore field that could become China's biggest new domestic-petroleum source in a decade, with reserves of 2.2 billion barrels, the official Xinhua News Agency said Wednesday."


Richard Gray, Sunday Telegraph: Listening ships to save whales from beaching.

"Seismic surveying in the North Sea is thought to have disorientated a young northern bottle-nosed whale last year, diverting it from its migratory route and sending it on a fatal journey into London. At close range, loud noises are also thought to damage the hearing of whales and dolphins, making it harder for them to navigate and find food."

> Total bunk. The author actually links to a Telegraph story about the incident last year in which a member of the London Zoological Society discounts the possibility that the stranding was caused by man-made noise pollution.

> Here are a couple more references to the incident in question.

Reuters: Schlumberger profit rises, tops Wall Street view.

"At the company's WesternGeco seismic unit, revenue rose 33 percent to $706 million, and operating income climbed 79 percent to $266 million."

AP: Schlumberger 1Q Profit Up 63 Percent.

"[Schlumberger Chairman and Chief Executive Andrew] Gould said that the second quarter may see a slowdown in WesternGeco's growth because of several scheduled dry dock inspections and vessel transits. He said the commissioning of a new seismic vessel in May will help business."

KTUU, Alaska: Shell Oil dominates offshore sale.

"Oil and gas companies bid $42 million ... for exploration rights in the waters off the coast of Northern Alaska."

"Residents of villages like Barrow, Nuiqsut and Kaktovik, along with several environmental groups, sought unsuccessfully to block or delay today's sale. They're worried that seismic exploration in the area might affect the migratory patterns of bowhead whales."


AP: Seismic Firms See Business Skyrocket.

"Demand for seismic services has created a record $1.1 billion backlog at WesternGeco, Schlumberger's seismic division, one of the world's largest." ...

"Other seismic providers are profiting too...."


Edmonton Journal: Marie Lake cottage owners say 'never' to oilsands seismic survey.

"Irate cottage owners, boaters and fishermen turned an information meeting held by the Calgary firm into a protest rally. It was the third "open house" meant to cool tempers by dispensing reassuring facts over free servings of coffee and cookies. But the community turned up the heat."

WSYR-TV, Syracuse: What are those Helicopters?

"It turns out the helicopters are testing seismic activity deep under the earth in those areas. You've seen two of them flying around at a time, and that's because a team of exploration geologists hired by West Virginia's ‘Chesapeake Energy Company’ are deciding whether the southern part of the county is a good spot to drill for natural gas. "

Press Release: TGS IMAGING announces the release of PRIMA 9.0.

"PRIMA is a complete software package which includes interpretation, standard processing, gather conditioning, advanced AVO analysis modules and pre stack time and depth imaging tools."


Slate: Untapped -- The Scramble for Africa's Oil.

"Does Africa measure up to the hype? After all, the entire continent is believed to contain, at best, 10 percent of the world's proven oil reserves, making it a minnow swimming in an ocean of seasoned sharks. Africa is unlikely ever to ‘replace’ the Middle East or any other major oil-producing region. So why the song and dance?"


Press Release: TGS to Acquire Parallel.

"PDS is a high-tech seismic imaging specialist with 21 employees and offices in Houston and Dallas. Founded in 1997, PDS has developed a number of unique proprietary software applications designed to accurately and efficiently process seismic data in both the time and depth domains."

PR Newswire: Geokinetics Announces Record Year End Results.

"Geokinetics Inc.'s 2006 revenue of $225.2 million exceeded 2005 revenue of $62.2 million by 262%."

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