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Another one from Slate: Gasoline prices aren't that high.


Last night's Data Processing SIG went really well. We had about 60 people attend, and both speakers' presentations were well received.

Marine 4-component seismic is a hot topic now, but the technology is still immature:

  • Acquisition systems are evolving rapidly, but they are still evolving.
  • Processing practices are fairly primitive. At the SEG meeting in November I saw a lot of impressive work, but everything I saw used common conversion point (CCP) assumptions. I don't believe that poststack assumptions are really appropriate for C-wave processing; as soon as we have prestack alternatives, the CCP methods will disappear quickly. But first, the industry is going to have to make financial and intellectual investments in developing algorithms for multicomponent seismic data processing.
  • The only unquestionably successful application of the technology is still undershooting gas chimneys. Back in October, Jack Caldwell of Schlumberger was reporting a survey of 134 ocean bottom multicomponent surveys. Of those, 59% were acquired for imaging purposes, the vast majority for undershooting gas chimneys. Of the remaining 41% of surveys shot for lithologic inversion, I would bet that most of those were paid for out of research budgets, not operations budgets.


This evening there's a meeting on multicomponent seismic data processing at the University of Houston Hilton. There is no attendance fee.

This event is being hosted (and paid for) by the UH Alliance Geophysical Lab, a fantastic group of geophysicists.

Alcohol will be served. (Cash bar, of course.)


I've organized a Geophysical Society of Houston SIG meeting for next Wednesday, March 15 at 4:30.

The topic is multicomponent seismic data processing.

The University of Houston Alliance Geophysical Lab has volunteered to host the meeting at the UH Hilton. Attendance is free.

There are two speakers: Ron Windels of Fairfield Industries and Jerry Beaudoin of BPAmoco.

There will be a cash bar.

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